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I did tell you about Pinterest, didn’t I?  It’s a wonderful, visually stimulating website.  I love it!

I also came across StumbleUpon… and WeHeartIt… and FFFFOUND!

Oh dear… I think I’m in trouble… (in a good way!)


If ever I did have the courage to get a tattoo, me thinks this would be lovely:

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I came across this a while back:

It got me thinking, “What is it that I’ve said ‘Yes!’ to, actually?”

The man does pose a provocative question, does he not? 🙂

I have a file. I wrote the words ‘Book of Possibilities’ on the spine of said file.

It’s a file containing pictures of the things that represent what I’d like to create or experience. It’s a thick file…

This blog represents my attempts to make these pictures real… it should be a fascinating journey… hmmm…