• Oops, and four weeks went by just like that. Thing is, I don’t quite recall what happened during that time. It feels like a bit of a blur. The annual colds ‘n flu hit (first Sophia, then me, then Russell), then I was woman down with a migraine that went on for three days, and then Russell sprained his calf muscle and the tendon, so he’s been home a lot (which is nice, but I don’t seem to get much organising of house done).
  • Oh yes! And then there was a mad rush to get stuff unpacked and mostly put away because we had the first of our home inspections by the property manager. When we first met her, she mentioned how we have big shoes to fill because the previous tenants were so neat and tidy. Of course my brain reads so much more into it. It does feel like we have to put in extra effort to keep things tidy *all the time*.
  • I did indeed go to NZ Fashion Tech’s campus in Wellington. And yes, I do like what they have to offer. I like that they’re competency based (so one gets very practical skills out of the diploma course), they’re easy to get to by train, and I think I’ll be able to manage going to school and getting home early enough to see to the second shift of work that is mothering. More importantly, although there are several areas they don’t cover what Toi Whakaari – New Zealand Drama School does cover in their costume diploma*, they assume you know nothing about sewing or clothing construction. I like that. There’s a sense of comfort that comes from knowing I’ll start at the beginning. Toi Whakaari requires that one has sewing experience. Whilst I do, I don’t know that it “measures up”. Truth is, I feel like I have a better chance of getting into NZ Fashion Tech than I do Toi Whakaari. Interviews are in October, so there’s a while to go still.
  • If I’m totally honest with myself, I do have a lot of baggage around past experiences with fashion schools and the fashion industry in general that I need to get comfortable with if I’m going to get past the interview stage. A lot of my baggage is justified, though. Just this week, I came across this post: PLUS SIZE WOMEN ARE NOT A MINORITY OR NICHE. STOP TREATING US LIKE ONE! There is so much to unpack here, and I’m glad to see the conversation happening. For now, I’m listening.
  • Perhaps the first road block I need to get past is setting up a new sewing space. I almost had it just right in our previous home. Starting again feels like a bit of a slog. But it’ll be grand once it’s done! And then I can get back to where I was in February – preparing to make this beauty:


*e.g. period corsetry and underpinnings, working with leather