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No, seriously – this is important.  This discovery, a collision of culinary findings, has quite literally, and miraculously, transformed the way I feel about roasting a chicken.  Yes, roasting a chicken.

Before, I admit (rather sheepishly),  I was intimidated at the thought of roasting a chicken… all that flesh that needed thorough cooking or else some poor, unsuspecting eater of my roast chicken could get food poisoning… perish the thought! Yikes!

But, thanks to Ms Nigella Lawson’s book ‘How to Eat’, I have discovered that the key to a good roast chicken comes down to having a really hot oven – 210°C as a matter of fact.  Who knew?  I’d never ventured beyond 180°C in my culinary adventures.  Can you imagine my anticipation as I cranked my oven’s dial up beyond 200… shivers, darling – shivers down my spine! 

And you know what?  Lemon goes really well with roast chicken.  This may seem really obvious – but I was clueless; seriously – completely clueless.  Granted, I always picked the lemon and herb flavour at Nando’s*, but that’s because I have an aversion to my tongue being on fire as a result of consuming piri piri sauce.  I never quite knew how good it actually is until the day that I realised that the combination of lemon and chicken is not a new thing.  As matter of fact, I have a recipe from the middles ages that combines lemon and chicken… then there was the recipe in FreshLiving** that combined fennel, lemon and chicken.  But the last delectable piece of information that caused my culinary epiphany is thanks to Ms Lawson.  She writes about how homely roast chicken is, how it reminds her of her mum.  And what’s the main ingredient that Ms Lawson uses to roast her chicken – lemons! Lemons, people! Lemons!  (And a little salt and pepper doesn’t go amiss.)

I’m so excited.  Not only do I know what to put on my chicken before roasting it (lemon juice), but I have discovered that time (an hour actually) and a hot oven is all you really need.  Oh, happy day!

* a South African born and bred brand of yummilicious chicken fast food fare, based mostly on Portuguese cuisine

** Pick n Pay’s (huge retail chain – think Walmart or Tesco’s) monthly magazine – it usually has some really delicious looking recipes