Quick beef and mushroom stroganoff

I’ve made this dish twice, the main difference being the mushrooms.  On the first occassion, I used button mushrooms and an asian mix of mushrooms (enoki, shimeji, and shiitake). On the second occassion, I used button, black, and porcini mushrooms.

What you need: Beef stroganoff (I used beef cut into strips for stir fries), paprika (I didn’t have plain paprika the second time around, so I used smoked paprika – turns out it’s yummier), salt and pepper, olive oil, chopped onion, sliced garlic (I confess I cheated here, I used the prechopped garlic… and lots of it!), mushrooms, thyme (again, I cheated here… my little thyme plant was destroyed by frost this winter, so I used dried thyme instead), greek yoghurt (I used greek style yoghurt because when I phoned my beloved husband to ask him to pop into the store on his way home and get some, all he could find was greek style yoghurt… I imagine it’s pretty much the same thing…)

How to do it: Toss the beef with the paprika, salt and pepper. Fry this in a little olive oil until it’s browned.  Set it aside (I took this to mean remove the cooked meat from the pan, but leave the juices behind.)  Fry the onion until it’s soft (I fried it in the meat juices, adding some water so that the onions became sweeter).  Add the mushrooms and the thyme. Cook the mushrooms through.  Stir in the beef and yoghurt to allow it to heat through, but don’t allow it to boil (I imagine this does something to the texture of the yoghurt). 

I served it with white rice the second time around, but the first time around it was served with mashed potatoes and peas. Yum!  

Source (i.e. give credit where credit is due): Fresh ideas July 2010 – Winter comfort 27 delicious recipes to suit your lifestyle